Wall Beds Made In Canada. Style, Quality, and Space-Saving for Any Room

Make any room work smarter. From living room to playroom to home office and more, wall beds made in Canada create the ultimate multi-use space.  

 Are you looking for ways to maximize an existing space? Ways that allow you to seamlessly host guests without compromising valuable square footage to a spare bed that will rarely get used? 

From living room to playroom to home office and more, look at wall beds made in Canada to create the ultimate multipurpose space. Wall beds provide a highly functional, beautiful, and space-saving solution that will transform any room in your home. 

But which room, exactly? How do you decide the best room to create a truly multipurpose space, one that serves your day-to-day needs and offers a comfortable, inviting room for guests when required?

Let's look at the inspiring options for transforming any one of the many rooms in your home: 

More than just a living room

For many who live in apartments or condos, with limited square footage to work with, the living room is often the only choice to make multipurpose. But that shouldn't be discouraging. With the help of a thoughtfully designed wall bed made in Canada, you can create a living room that doubles as a comfortable retreat for you and your guests when they visit.  

From dining room to guest room in moments

Rather than too little space, you might have an area of your home that is entirely underutilized. Consider the formal dining room, for example. Enjoyed for Holiday dinners, but not much else, it's often the dumping ground for the kids' sports gear, your last purchase of too many paper products from your favourite big box store, or the boxes of Christmas ornaments you haven't yet put back in the attic. Alternatively, it could be the perfect room to easily convert into a welcoming, cozy, flexible space. 

Remove the leaves from the dining table; shrink the table to its smallest until you need it next Thanksgiving. Add a queen wall bed flanked beautifully by shelves and cabinets, and your rarely-used dining room will offer storage solutions and a comfy, cozy bed for overnight guests.

An office and more

One of the most common rooms to transform into a multi-use space is the home office. It's the perfect room to transform and enhance with the addition of a stylish wall bed. By and large, home offices tend to be smaller in size. It's why a quality wall bed made in Canada is the perfect, space-saving solution to help you maximize the square footage without compromising office space or your productivity. 

 Given the minimal use that a typical guest bed gets, why take up floor space with a conventional bed – one of the biggest pieces of furniture in any home? With a wall bed, you can preserve the room's primary function yet provide guests with a wonderful sleep when they stay over. Fold it up into the wall when they leave – no muss, no fuss.

Get crafty with an innovative wall bed made in Canada

If you have a dedicated craft room but put your guests on an air mattress in the living room, there is a better way! Like our dining room suggestion, an innovative, space-saving, and super-comfortable queen wall bed can transform your creative space.  

 When you include convenient storage solutions (hello, paintbrush drawer and supply cabinets!) with the best wall beds in Canada, you transform your craft room – no matter the size. And, voila, you also provide a restful retreat for guests in mere moments.

Lofts, landings, and other under-utilized spaces

Consider any small or underused areas of your home – awkward corners, space beneath the stairs, loft, or even a large landing. These can often be wasted spaces where junk collects if anything. But they can also be some of the very best places to add a convenient and space-saving wall bed for guests.

Four functions, only one room!

Do you live in a studio apartment? With the help of a quality wall bed, you can take a small 120-square-foot room, for instance, and convert it into a family room, dining room, office, and guest room. Really! 

The expert design of the best wall beds in Canada offers beautiful cabinetry paired with a comfortable sleep solution – even every night – that transforms your space into one that's all at once comfortable, inviting, and immensely practical.

Tailor-made to fit your unique needs

Occasionally a pre-built wall bed option doesn't meet the unique needs of your space and the demands of your lifestyle. Fortunately, when you choose the best wall beds in Canada, BOFF Wall Beds, you have the option to tailor the perfect bed for your specific room.

A customized, space-saving wall bed solution often includes practical and beautiful cabinetry – drawers, shelves, and cabinets. It helps make any room truly multipurpose and highly functional, not to mention wonderfully tidy and organized. 

Whether it's a living room, your home office or craft studio, a custom built wall bed simply embodies multipurpose.