Murphy Beds – An Essential Component of the Modern Guest Room

To create the perfect multipurpose space – a modern and super functional guest room – Murphy Beds are a perfect choice.


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With summer on the way and vacation plans in the works, summer visitors will

arrive before you know it. But, without a designated space for guests, chances are, you're home will be strewn with air mattresses, slowly deflating. Or, perhaps you're able to offer the perennially uncomfortable pullout couch? Ouch! 

There is a better way to host your beloved guests! No longer do your visiting loved ones have to endure a substandard sleep just because you don't have a dedicated guest room. Not at all! You can ensure that your guests have a comfortable and rejuvenating sleep at your house – and with a proper bed. 

Without compromising the square footage of an entire room to a full-sized bed, Murphy beds can provide all the comfort of a traditional bed. Pull it out when you have houseguests and tuck it away out of sight to open up your space to all of you the other everyday demands of your life.

What are Murphy beds?

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A Murphy bed is a bed that quickly hides away in a vertical cabinet against the wall of any room. As it tucks away vertically, the frame can contain a thick, full-sized mattress, as good as any traditional bed.

When not in use, it is concealed beautifully within an attractive cabinet comprised of various components, including shelves, drawers, and even a desk. 

Murphy beds are the very best solution for temporary sleeping needs. When space is at a premium, Murphy beds offer homeowners the flexibility and versatility to host guests while minimizing the square footage a permanent standard guest bed requires. 

Murphy beds are the answer to maximizing space while still providing a comfortable and energizing rest. The easy, practical, space-saving solution creates a perfectly multi-use and modern guest room. Here's how:

Instant guest room – without having a guest room

Among all of our home furnishings, beds are the biggest and take up the most square footage. Many of us don't have enough space in our homes to have an entire room with a full-sized bed dedicated to those rare occasions we host guests.

Each of the rooms in your home has to work for your day-to-day life. Murphy beds, or wall beds, provide a unique and stylish space-saving alternative to the conventional guest room. Whether it's a home office, a creative studio, a playroom, or any other space in your home, a Murphy bed folds down out of its attractive and efficient cabinet when you want to host guests very comfortably. And equally easily, it folds away to accommodate the needs of the rest of your life.

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Ease and efficiency – a Murphy bed with a desk

The beauty of Murphy beds is their sheer versatility of design. As they make great use of the vertical wall space of any room, a wall bed easily provides room for guests without compromising on space day-to-day.

And a Murphy bed with a desk takes efficiency and practicality another big step further. Along with beds, tables and desks consume a considerable amount of space. So, when you consider a Murphy bed with a desk feature, you can take care of space concerns with one efficient and innovative piece of furniture. 

A combination wall bed and desk unit offer the ultimate space-saving functionality. A table, a productive desk, and a bed – one piece to provide 3x the efficiency! Work or sleep, your room can be transformed quickly and easily.

Murphy bed style anywhere in your home

Unobtrusive and oh-so-efficient, Murphy beds save space yet offer comfort and style to promote organization, ease, and your sense of decor. 

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Do you have a unique idea in mind? Choose the type and finish and the necessary storage solutions to coordinate perfectly with your existing home decor, unique style, organization, and productivity concerns. So, whether you are integrating it into a home office, playroom, or guest room, build it to incorporate storage, bookcase, cabinetry, and a desk to fit your needs.

Ultimate in sleeping comfort

With each of our wall bed models, B.O.F.F. Murphy Beds combines the best in innovation, style, and comfort. We want you to enjoy great space-saving without compromising a great night's sleep. 

Just because it folds doesn't mean there's less mattress. Just the opposite! The cabinet that holds the bed allows for a proper mattress tucked cleanly away without compromising mattress thickness or floor space. A Murphy bed can provide ultimate comfort and the best sleep possible.

 But that's not necessarily everything you need to create the ideal guest room. Some great resources can inspire you and help you design the comfiest and cosiest guest retreat for your beloved friends and family.