How to Create a Multipurpose Room? Start With a Queen Murphy Bed

How to create a flexible space in your home without compromising style and function? Hint: a queen Murphy bed!


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Our lifestyles changed in so many ways during these years of the pandemic. Even as we move back into a 'new normal' that resembles life before COVID-19, we still look to our homes to meet demands they didn't before. 

 In a post-pandemic future, there are some routines that may not return to what they were before. Similarly, flex spaces were created out of necessity yet still remain – dining rooms for working at home, guest rooms with the exercise equipment we needed when the gyms closed, and that closet quickly converted for the kids to homeschool.  

As we move forward, increasingly, homeowners see the value in "flex spaces" to provide practical and versatile solutions for under-utilized spaces. Maybe it's innovative cabinetry to hide gym equipment or the transformational magic of a queen Murphy bed – a great place to start! – we want to create multipurpose rooms that help our homes meet the demands of day-to-day life more efficiently. 

Maximize the existing space in your home, making it functional and efficient without compromising style. Read on for tips to create a multipurpose space that meets the demands of your life.

Think outside the box – and the room’s assigned function

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Take a look at the rooms or spaces in your home that are the least used. Perhaps it's an awkward breakfast nook or formal dining room. Do you have an extra closet or space under the stairs? How could they serve you better? Your home's initial design and construction may have assigned these spaces specific purposes, but they simply don't fit your unique lifestyle. 

Ask yourself what the room needs to do for you rather than what should be in the room. Consider what tasks and activities occur in the room, and feel free to re-assign the space to suit your needs. To be flexible, every nook and cranny in your home should accommodate your activities – working, exercise, school – not simply what they were built to do.

Don't forget your long-term needs. As you configure a multi-use space, keep in mind if and how your needs might change over the months and years. Plan for flexibility. What will your kids need as they grow? How might the demands of your work evolve?

Choose lightweight and easy to move furnishings that are easy to rearrange or remove easily when necessary.

Storage is essential

Any flex space or room should include ample storage to maximize space and manage the inevitable clutter that can collect in a space that accommodates more than one activity.   

Choose storage options with doors to hide messes or carry the necessary items for what you do in the room. Include shelves that can hold keepsakes, books, and bins for toys and exercise equipment. You want to keep things off the floor wherever possible.

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Divide and conquer!

If you have a large room that will host various activities – living room, office, playroom, for instance – consider room dividers. Section the different areas of the room for each demand.  

Shelving units or room dividers can provide a physical and visual barrier. They effectively separate the space and the activities while providing privacy.

You don’t have to sacrifice your style for function

A flexible, highly functional space doesn't have to come at the cost of your style or preference in decor. You can customize any multipurpose space to suit your tastes. 

In fact, use the reimagining to be bold – use a fun, patterned wallpaper or your favourite dramatic paint colour. Showcase your personality and use decor thoughtfully to help you distinguish the different activity areas.

And, indeed, don't feel limited by furnishing choices. Just because a room or space is multi-use doesn't mean you have to focus entirely on the function. Choose pieces that complement your decor as they maximize function and productivity.

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Transform any space with flexible furnishings

As you explore all of the options for furnishing your multi-use space, multi-use furniture is integral.  

You want your furniture to transform to accommodate the different activities and demands of the room. You'll find many innovative and economical designs, such as tables that extend with extra leaves or mechanisms to fold them down. Some armoires can open to reveal an efficient and organized workspace. Choose furniture that stacks or nests. But, before you buy, ensure you have accurate measurements of the room.

Primary among the flexible furnishings…


Flex your guest room with a queen Murphy bed

One of the first transformation pieces to consider is a queen Murphy bed. 

How can you make the best use of all of the square footage in your home while you reduce wasted space? The guest room is a great place to begin!

By far, beds take up the most square footage in our homes. Consequently, an entire room in your home dedicated to an occasional visitor can go under-utilized. As most of us don't have space to waste, the guest room is one of the easiest to reimagine for more efficient multi-use.

A queen size wall bed provides all the versatility and functionality you need to transform any room into an inviting and comfortable guest room. A queen Murphy bed maintains the function of any room while providing for the needs of your guests. And when they leave, simply fold it away.

As with any furniture, you must know both the room and queen wall bed dimensions before you purchase.

For the very best queen Murphy bed, BOFF Wall Beds offers you a great selection of pre-made options. Want to customize a queen Murphy bed project? Our team of experts can help design the perfect solution for your multipurpose room.